Marking one year since I started collecting covid rate data.

Tuscaloosa county down to around 10/day/100k. Try changing time span shown since now below summer and fall rates.

UA is now below 10/day/100k! Alabama at 12. Tuscaloosa not doing so well at 24.

UA rate same as last week. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and US rates leveling off near rate from the Fall. (Could be rebound from lack of access to testing during last week's cold weather.)
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UA covid rates down again. And drop-offs continue generally.

UA is down pretty significantly this week. Tuscaloosa finally back down to similar level as summer peak.

Not sure what to do with the sentinel data, since it is crazy large. Here I convert to daily rate assuming people test positive for 20 days.

UA up to over 90/day/100k. And the UA system sold this as an improvement. System-wide "less than the prior reporting period." Which was longer. Embarrassing.

Sometimes it is just nice to read how epidemic management is actually supposed to work..

First UA covid data of the semester. 68/day/100k. Highest rate since the 3rd full week in the fall. Higher than last week before winter break. But fairly consistent with recent community rates in Alabama and Tuscaloosa County.

Decline in rates generally continues. Happy to see the city schools down around 25. Still a long way down to go.

Covid rates continuing to decline here in Tuscaloosa and Alabama. I think unless something unforeseen happens, we are now past the holiday peak of transmission here. Still a long way down though.

Covid rates getting a little better recently, though still dangerously high for everyday activity. I would be optimistic except for the unmasked crowd on Monday here. Seems Europe has managed to prevent a major holiday outbreak.

Covid rates continuing to rise in Alabama. Now at the highest to date. Tuscaloosa still bouncing around 80/day/100k.


Covid rates continuing to rise in Alabama. Now at the highest to date. Tuscaloosa still bouncing around 80/day/100k.

Updated rate plot for here in Tuscaloosa AL. We had 56% positive during the last week. Not looking good for the near future.


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Outbreak in Tuscaloosa

Looks like we've got ourselves a nice little outbreak in Tuscaloosa. This is probably from the university restart. It appears that by trying to marginaliza concerns and refusing to report data, the university may have encouraged bad behavior. Note that classes at the university only started on Wednesday and in-person classes at the schools in the county (outside the city) started on Thursday. There hasn't been enough time for either of those to even show up here and our rate is already pretty clearly headed up into an outbreak that will probably be worse than what happened in July. Finally on Friday they instituted a moratorium on all non-class student events after 15/50 students attending one event tested positive. Next week is likely to be rough.

Continuing slow declines

Currently slow declines in the rate of new infections continue. I'm worried about how school reopenings will change this from here. Many Alabama schools open this week, as does the university here. Would be terrible to lose these hard-won improvements. Still nobody below 10, which is the threshold for modest indoor gatherings with masks and distancing.

Getting a little better

Progress over the last week appears to confirm that rates of new infections appear to have leveled off or peaked in Alabama and Florida and are coming down a bit. Alabama is coming down very slowly, with Florida coming down more quickly but having been higher at the top. I'm worried that now that things are finally improving school openings will push it right back up over the next few weeks.

If you need evidence that mask orders make a difference, it's right here. Tuscaloosa's mask order went into effect on July 5, and we started to flatten off within a week. Alabama's statewide mask order went into effect on July 15, and again within a week, the increasing rate had started flattening off.

The threshold for even small to moderate size indoor meetings with masks and distancing (like a classroom) is to be less than 10 on this scale.

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History plot

Here is a plot of history since the end of April. New cases per day per 100k population. Shown are states and counties where I have family. Data is as recorded by me each evening from the Alabama public health dashboard and from the Florida "community" dashboard, and from Wikipedia articles for the United States, Germany, and France. France and Germany are between 0.5 and 1 almost the whole time. That is what successful test-and-trace looks like. Slow, sporadic spread from contained local outbreaks.

Covid status

Just put this in an email, and thought it might be useful to post here:

The current rate of new infections in Tuscaloosa county is about 30 new per day per 100,000 people, Alabama is at about 37. The peak rate in New York state back in April was about 50 and in New York City about 75. It does appear from the last week that we have plateaued a little, and hopefully the fact that a mask mandate has been put in place in Alabama about a week and a half ago will start to at least keep things from getting worse. But that is not clear yet. I am hopeful that we will come back from the brink, but it is quite tenuous right now. Guidelines (https://covidlocal.org/metrics/) specify a new infection rate generally falling and below 25 for backing off from stay-at-home, and an indoor activity like classes at the university (even with masks and distancing) is only recommended with an infection rate below 10.

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